Cinnamon Twigs What People are Saying About Zeppole

"...I live here (in Boise) because I can ride my bike to friends' houses just like I did when I was 10 years old, because I can float on a mostly clean river through the center of town and look up and see people working on their computers in office buildings. I live here because I can eat a $5 lunch at Zeppole, as I did for about 400 afternoons straight while I was writing my first novel..."
Anthony Doerr — Award-winning author of three books and Writer in Residence, Smithsonian Magazine

"Hasty, tasty and the money is not wastey... (Wednesday's soup-of-the day, Cream of Mushroom) was creamy and mushroomy and so good that I will go back every Wednesday from now on to get more. In fact, it's entirely possible I may never lunch at another restaurant again."
Jennifer Gelband — Dining Out, Boise Weekly

"(Zeppole breads have) character, taste, substance and none of the fat, sugar, eggs, dairy products and preservatives that are found in commercially-made breads…Some of the breads are so good, they should be illegal."
Bill Heath — Editor and Publisher, Idaho Update

"You think your buns are the best? We think Zeppole's challah rolls make the best buns. See for yourself. Invite your friends over for a burger party. Then get your buns down to Zeppole's. They have two convenient locations, pick one closest to you. Step up to the counter and declare your need for the challah rolls. But be warned that if you go too late in the day, they might be out. The demand for these buns is high. Then take all your buns back home and wow your burger party guests with the best buns they have ever had. Golden, bready, fluffy goodness. They are almost too pretty to eat. But eat you must because once you go challah, you never go back."
Boise’s Best Buns — Editors’ Pick, Best of Boise 2008, Boise Weekly

"We find that a well-timed sweet can go a long way in avoiding a melt-down in the Boise Weekly editorial pit. We’ve recently discovered that Zeppole’s cinnamon twig sates our cravings and (sometimes) staves off the crazies… They’re as big as a small loaf of bread…The taste of the crunchy, buttery outside combined with the soft, chewy inside makes this sugary treat irresistible."
2007 Editors’ Pick, Boise Weekly

"Bury me with a loaf of Zeppole Ciabatta, and I’ll be halfway to heaven."
Boise Journal

"Yummy, filling and cheap…One visit and you’ll become a regular."
Boise Weekly

"It's like they say: The bread makes the sandwich. That's definitely true at Zeppole Baking Company, where the sandwiches are made with one of the bakery's signature breads, the Village Loaf. On it, you can order roast beef, ham, turkey, tuna or my choice, roasted red pepper… I usually miss meat on veggie sandwiches, but not this time. The combination of ingredients was delicious, and made more so by a creamy pesto mayonnaise spread recommended to me from a list of condiments served on the side."
Idaho Press-Tribune

"Known for their bready baked goodness…what they have is hearty, fresh and practically reeks of wholesomeness…I enjoyed the tasty food and bistro ambience of Zeppole, as well as the great service. I will definitely be back."
Sara Beitia, Boise Weekly

"One of my favorite places to stop for soup – and darn good sandwiches and bread – is Zeppole. Oh, and did I mention that they offer all the bread you could possible need to eat with your soup? All artisan, all fresh. Lastly, I can never get out of the bakery without picking up – at minimum – one slice of their mouth-watering Banana Bread. OH MY! It’s delicious! And if you’re having a special holiday dinner and need a little artisan bread, this is your best bet in town! "
Boise Goodlife

"A well-loved bakery that usually has a line out the door for gorgeous sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, delicate salads, hearty soup and goodies that make you want to skip lunch altogether."
Erin Ryan, Boise Weekly

"The only way I’ve found to get my son to come out of the swimming pool in the summer is to bribe him with a slice of Zeppole Banana Bread."
Liz P. — Boise Resident

"Best Banana Bread in town! Why make your own banana bread when you have Zeppole? ...the baked goods are outstanding. Their breads and rolls are worth the visit and the staff is always very friendly."

"The best bread in town."

"The bread is fantastic, and they make really good sandwiches on their bread – I especially like the Village Loaf for making sandwiches."

"One of the best bakeries in Boise. Stop in for all kinds of different breads, especially their banana and zucchini. They’re open for lunch, serving mostly soup and sandwiches and everything is really reasonably priced…Always a great staff and they push through the lunch line fast."

"Happy lunchtime bakery with soup. Convenient, fast."