Cinnamon Twigs What People are Saying About Zeppole

"This is the perfect little lunch spot. For a very reasonable price, you get a hearty bowl of soup and all the bread you can eat (and this is really good bread made in-house!)."

"We find that a well-timed sweet can go a long way in avoiding a melt-down in the Boise Weekly editorial pit. We’ve recently discovered that Zeppole’s cinnamon twig sates our cravings and (sometimes) staves off the crazies… They’re as big as a small loaf of bread…The taste of the crunchy, buttery outside combined with the soft, chewy inside makes this sugary treat irresistible."
2007 Editors’ Pick, Boise Weekly

"Bury me with a loaf of Zeppole Ciabatta, and I’ll be halfway to heaven."
Boise Journal

"Yummy, filling and cheap…One visit and you’ll become a regular."
Boise Weekly